Yashodhan Agri Tourism

Yashodhan Agri Tourism

Yashodhan Agri Tourism

Corporate Events

Looking for an exciting picnic spot near pune?

Corporate picnics with yashodhan, a fantastic way to give a treat to your team and associates.

Get familiar with your co-workers while sharing, reuniting and enjoying some old while some new team-building techniques through different games, yoga and meditation activities.

Corporate picnic at Yashodhan Agri Tourism makes this happen for you. It serves as an effective way to resuscitate energy into the organizational worked-out lives while lending a small pause in the crammed-up routines.

It’s that time when you open up communications, encourage team building and promote a sense of community within your corporate team.

We present a well-maintained conference hall, endorsed with modern furniture, audio-visual systems and a stable wi-fi connection in the area.We are a passionate group when it comes to rendering the corporate imperatives. OsaraAgri Tourism goes a step forward in granting the right perspective to its services

Get a perfect setting for all your corporate needs –carry out important events and discussions with the modern Public Address. complete with a projector-screen apparatus.